Getting a delicious cup of coffee is not easy at all. The connoisseur of drinking or making coffee will surely have a good understanding of the coffee beans, the type of coffee maker, the water level to pour, etc. It takes a lot of factors to create a standard coffee cup.

For many people, a cup of coffee is an art, not just a drink. Some people like to enjoy roasted and drip roasted coffee. But some people like to use coffee machine.

However, in reality, the coffee maker will produce a better quality coffee cup compared to the filter. Normally, to make coffee with filter, it takes up to 20-25 grams of coffee, but when using the machine, it only needs 7-15 grams to achieve the right taste.

Moreover, filter coffee is just the process of hot water coming through coffee, while espresso machines will use pressure to squeeze all the essence of coffee into the cup. Therefore, the machine-brewed coffee cup will be more fragrant and more flavorful.

Each cup of coffee has different flavors because it takes a lot of steps to make it. If one step is not correct, the taste of coffee will be distorted. Here are some basic things that help you make a delicious cup of coffee:

New Coffee

The quality of the coffee beans will begin to decline after roasting. Therefore, the old coffee beans that have been stored for a long time will not guarantee the quality of coffee cups. Before making pure coffee, it is necessary to buy a new type of coffee.

The most convenient way is to buy coffee in places close to home to avoid the long moving process that affects the quality of coffee. Do not buy coffee beans in a market or supermarket, because the coffee is kept for a long time under light and air will be less delicious.

Moreover, the way to preserve coffee should be noted. Coffee after roasting should be kept in airtight boxs. Do not store coffee in the refrigerator because coffee after defrosting is not good for health. It is the best to buy enough roasted coffee beans for 7-10 days.

Grind coffee

Because the coffee after roasting will reduce the quality, the coffee cup made right after grinding will be the best coffee cup. Coffee connoisseurs will also be knowledgeable about coffee grinders. Some people prefer expensive coffee grinders because it produces finely ground coffee that has a strong aroma of pure coffee. In addition, the other machines still ensure the deliciousness of the coffee, just not equal to the expensive and branded lines.

Right and enough amount of coffee

Do not be too “generous” nor so “thrifty” the amount of coffee when making coffee. There are many ways to brew coffee, each type of brewing has a corresponding amount of coffee. Do not be too “thrifty” for coffee, because when water is added to the coffee will be diluted, the taste is not strong enough and even make the coffee taste more bitter.

Water element in coffee cup

The quality of coffee is influenced by water. Water mixed with bleach such as chlorine or fluorine reduces the quality of coffee cups. The fastidious barista will choose pure bottled water, somes even use filtered water filtered from the mesh made from activated carbon fiber. In addition, mineral water is also a safe choice for making coffee.

The temperature of water should also be considered. If the water is too hot, coffee will be more bitter than usual. The ideal temperature for a standard cup of coffee is about 90-95 degrees Celsius, equivalent to 100 degrees Celsius boiling water to cool in the air for about 45 seconds.

After brewing, the coffee will definitely not last for a long time. Coffee will fly with the air over time, so the flavor will somewhat diminish.

Components and tools

The coffee container and the coffee millstone should be cleaned every week to remove dust and coffee oil. The coffee machine needs to be cleaned once a month. Cleaning will remove excess coffee scum from the machine and make the coffee taste better.


To make a delicious cup of coffee from the coffee maker, it is necessary to prepare pure coffee, ice cubes, sugar or milk, depending on each person’s preferences. However:

  • Coffee beans need to be finely ground
  • Ice cubes must be large and thick so they do not dissolve quickly in the coffee
  • Sugar and milk should not be added in the end because the coldness of the coffee will make them difficult to dissolve
  • Coffee beans must be finely ground to make espresso, not raw. You must not pour the coffee directly into the ice, because hot freshly brewed coffee will cause the ice to dissolve very quickly, which will make your coffee cup become pale.