Funny thing is, now that I recognize and stop avoiding dealing with the truth my anxiety has already substantially diminished

I have read many of the postings here regarding the recognized characteristics of a “sociopath” (a.k.a. “antisocial personality”). I googled the term “sociopath” because I was in search of the definition of a sociopath, and whether I might be one. Several postings go on about the individuals in their life that they have determined to be sociopaths, as a consequence of some failure or setback in the development or success of their relationships with the individuals that are the targets of the appellation; still others self-portray themselves as “sociopaths” simply because some other the criteria embedded in the “accepted” diagnosis models fit what they perceive to be an integral part of they personal make-up. I think by and large that the latter individuals are a product of their own making; and the former individuals may or may not be in the grip of what is a very “human” need to assign fault to or in a deeply disagreeable situation.

What I have discovered in this attempt to bring understanding to the complexity of my life’s experiences, in connection with my relationships with other human beings, is that “sh** happens!” It is a biological circumstance of necessity for both personal relief, and continued development. I read somewhere (or heard it expressed) that “life” is a cycle of “waiting for stuff to happen,” “dealing with (or suffering with) stuff as it happens,” and “making stuff happen.” Of the 6 Billion people mentioned that occupy this planet, rarely (at any given time in history, at present, or in the future to come) is anyone immune to this consequence of living.

True some people experience far more of one or more of the elements of that cycle than others, and might wonder why (as is a natural response). The bottom line however is, as individuals occupying this realm of existence there will be points in time where we all experience and exhibit personality traits that are anti-social to someone or even a host of someone’s. For those of us that seek to modify or minimize the negative impact these occasions have upon ourselves or others (which it even appears the self-proclaimed “sociopath”‘s among you attest to having done, or are doing), the success or failure of the endeavor is not as fundamentally substantial as the acceptance of the reality that we are “individuals” subject to the cycles of our life’s individual experience; and as such, to find personal peace in the realities that comprise you, in a world where it may not always be fashionable Just2BMe. Peace. anon133

I’ve seen many use lower case I’s as they describe their antisocial nature

To all who have either thought they are a sociopath or have shared why they believe they are, I say you are not. A true Sociopath doesn’t care whether they are or not and they don’t care what you think. A true Sociopath would not use anything but upper case I’s. Many of you believe lying is a big reason. It isn’t. My mother is a sociopath and doesn’t lie, she doesn’t need to.

It’s all about them and how great their accomplishments are

If you are a sociopath, you would be trying to tell us why you do the things you do, not stating symptoms and how they match your personality. A sociopath is the pedophile, the emotional abuser and the stalker. They don’t care what their victim feels, they don’t care that your best friend just died, and they don’t care if you return their advances. Everyone else is chopped liver to them. They may or may not be abusive.