However the warre against Arzilla went on on yeere of Hegeira 914

Wherefore he compassed an equivalent having walles out-of brasse, in addition to roofes of the house he couered with silver and you can siluer, toward strengthening whereof he exacted higher tributes of all urban centers in the world

within his conflicts trip might find but nue hundred or so of one’s compame facing AT’ . . , ziiia. slaine. for the yeere Of one’s citie out-of Tangia.

Twentie fiue yeeres till the Portugall king wan so it citie, the guy delivered foorth a keen armada facing it, in hopes your citie getting destitute off guide, since king from Fez was in warres resistant to the rebels regarding Mecnase, do soone produce they selfe

He higher and you can ancient citie out of Tangia titled by the Portugals Tangiara, according to fond view of a few historiographers, is oriented because of the one to Sedded the sonne from Had, exactly who (as they say) is actually emperour ouer the world. Which boy (say they) calculated to construct good citie, and this for beautie you will satisfy the earthly paradise. Nevertheless the classicall and approoued

article authors affirme it absolutely was founded from the Romanes vpon the newest Ocean sea shore, meanwhile after they subdued new kingdome of Granada.* On streites away from Gibraltar it is * o faraway nearly thirtie, and you will regarding Fez a keen hundred or so and you can fiftie miles. And you can since that time that Goths were first lordes out of Granada, that it citie was subiect unto Septa otherwise Ceuta, vntill they and you may Arzilla was indeed woon by Mahumetans. They hath alwaies beene an excellent ciuill, greatest, and you can really-peopled towne, and incredibly stately and you may sumptuously established. The field thereto that belong is not too fertill, nor appropriate to own tilth : howbeit coming soon was certaine vallies continually watred which have fountaines, which furnish the fresh said citie along with kinde off good fresh fruit inside the abundance. With no citie and additionally growe certaine vines, albeit vpon an effective sandie soile. It absolutely was well stored which have population, right until such as for example go out as Arzilla is actually surprized because of the Portugals : to possess then population becoming dismaied having rumours out-of warres, tooke vp their wallet and luggage and you will fled unto Fez. Whereupon the brand new queen out of Portugall their deputie from the Arzilla sent one to out of his captaines thither, just who leftover they a long time vnder brand new behavior of your own queen, before queen from Fez delivered one of is own kinsmen plus to guard a region of good advantages neere vnto the mountaines regarding Gumera, becoming enemie on Christians. But contrarie into the Portugals presumption the brand new Fessan king finishing a good abrupt truce with these people regarding Mecnase, sent their counsellour that have an armie, which encountring the new Portugals, generated an effective slongst the others slue their generall, which the guy caused become caried into the a situation or sacke vnto the latest Fez, there to be place vpon a keen high place in which the men you are going to view him. Afterward the newest king of Portugall delivered a unique likewise have, who quickly assailing new citie on the nights, K K dos

was in fact many of them slaine, as well as the residue enforced to flee. But what the fresh new Portugall-king could not bring to passe having these Armadas, he atchieued in detail (as is aforementioned) that have small forces and you will absolutely nothing disaduantage. In my own time Mahumet king out of Fez leftover no meanes vnattempted to the recouerie from the citie, however, delicious alwaies is the newest valour of the Portugals, he had euer unwell successe. These products were carried out in new yeere of the Hegeira 917, which was from the yeere of one’s Lord Of your own towne titled Casar Ezzaghir, which is, the little palace.

Their towne is depending from the Mansor the queen and you may Patriarke of Maroco vpon the sea sea shore, from the twelue miles out-of Tangia, and you may of Septa eighteene kilometers. It absolutely was mainly based (they state) of the Mansor, as the euerie yeere as he introduced to the Prouince of Granada, hee was limited together with his entire armie to february ouer the fresh crude and ragged mountaines from Septa, just before he could started vnto the ocean shore. They standeth during the an unbarred and charming put ouer contrary to the shore out-of Granada. It was well peopled in times past, part of the populace beeing weauers and merchants, while the other people rEzzag- Barbarie for the Europe. This towne the fresh kiner off Portugall hir removed by the