Probably one of the most noted regions of the brand new mukbang experience is the role for the public facilitation

According to Choe (2019), due to as well as eating, mukbang audiences had been relevant to each other from the a sense of co-presence you to definitely overcame real length

Schwegler-Castaner (2018) explained the newest cases of around three ladies mukbangers (that Singaporean, that Southern area Korean, plus one American) and you may talked about mukbang from an effective feminist degree perspective. Considering their, mukbang clips encountered the possibility to counter loneliness and you will separation of the linking and you can discussing a comparable desire having an online community. In the a review analysis from the digital commensality (we.age. the technique of dinner together with her), Spence et al. (2019) contended just how mukbang can help emotionally assists commensality from inside the purchase to deal with eating alone. The main priority are that there got few empirical degree regarding how mukbang watching you will apply at watchers. Nevertheless they asked if mukbang you will offer comparable benefits for an individual’s psychological state which were related to individually restaurants as well as anyone else. In spite of the deficiency of research to your mental predictors and you can consequences regarding mukbang trend, they figured watching mukbang when you’re dinner might render visitors a sense of electronic commensality (Spence mais aussi al. 2019), and you will which could promote thinking from affective experience of rest.

Hakimey and you can Yazdanifard (2015) examined brand new communication off Southern area Korean culture and you can mukbang sensation by the evaluating newspaper visibility regarding the mukbangers. It concluded that mukbang viewing let audience to speak which have thousands of people at home while watching some body consume. Hakimey and you escort services in Birmingham may Yazdanifard (2015) argued you to exactly like West residents, Southern Koreans around the all ages were much more enduring life by yourself and being lonely within the single-people domiciles, hence elevated societal separation led these to enjoying mukbang since the an approach to provides dinner lovers and you may impression mentally connected to anyone else.

According to Hakimey and you will Yazdanifard (2015), the psychological connection and empathy believed toward mukbangers are important contributors in watching mukbang. As an example, one to leading mukbanger triggerred so it aforementioned partnership certainly one of his male listeners players via eating in the military training dresses for the an area decorated with assorted military paraphernalia (elizabeth.grams., toy rifles, battle figures) one to reminded viewers away from sentimental recollections of its service as the good soldier. Hakimey and you will Yazdanifard (2015) and argued one to mukbang considering an unified place-up where individuals got together all together area and you may regarding the one another to your mutual appeal. Positive commentary about the mukbanger and you will dining complex highest feelings out-of society and you may self-confident thoughts one of those just who spotted mukbang (Hakimey and Yazdanifard 2015).

Also, mukbang seeing enabled a feeling of co-visibility certainly one of audience through placing comments collectively for eating dinner along with her at the its favorite mukbanger (Choe 2019)

Particular informative outputs features analysed mukbang-associated stuff (age.grams., mukbangers, mukbang videos, reader comments). Choe (2019) used a material studies analysis examining and looking at 67 mukbang films clips off a masculine Southern area Korean mukbanger. She checked the brand new mukbang technology from inside the Southern Korean culture out-of good sociolinguistic angle. Choe (2019) showcased one restaurants with her try sensed a vital aspect of Southern area Korean people that folks meet or exceed discussing a dining table in order to given that much given that dining regarding exact same bowls. Considering Choe (2019), one to important facilitation from mukbang is the latest fulfillment away from an aspiration to eat with a family. Choe (2019) theorized one to just like the remote dinner is much more common in lot of nations of the globe and also in Southern area Korea, mukbang considering a feeling of social unity for these directly dinner by yourself. Enjoying mukbang made watchers be psychologically linked as if they were restaurants that have people (Choe 2019). She as well as showcased the newest part from mukbangers when you look at the providing a sense off collaborative dining through stepping into different food measures participated by visitors, for that reason resulting in an increased relationship amongst the mukbanger and you will visitors.