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The Um-er-Rbia goes at the side of brand new Kasbah, more a rugged sleep, that is entered because of the a bridge, nearly 500 ft a lot of time and you can eight base wider. Regarding the northern of your area is Bejad, good holy city, the latest residence out-of Ben Daud, a ” saint” out of considerable dictate ; and to the new south of the Zayain tribe, some other put, called Mhaush, entirely within the separate code of your own hill Berbers. Probably the Sultan traverses Tedla that have an armed forces, maybe not versus high preventative measure. But that is certainly a blunder, the city becoming afterwards said because the Terja, or Tezza, with its right geographical land.

Tadla (really Tezza) and you can Dal (Notices ainsi que extraits de l’ensemble des inanuscrits de- la Bibliotheque du Return on your investment, t. viii). The newest Derne, otherwise Derna, and makes its appearance about Moroccan record nearly modern-day which have Leo. For the 1544, following episode away from hostilities anywhere between Ahmed and you can Mohammed, guy of the Sheriff, Mohammed stated conflict against Ahmed-el-Oates, Sultan away from Fez, and you may delivered their child, Abd-el-Kader, to help you besiege ” este Castillo de Fistela”, as the Diego Torres calls a location and therefore Ibn Onzar, the latest Governor, surrendered for the Sheriff shortly after Ahmed, and his man, Bu-Bekr, was actually captured during the passage through of the fresh new Derna (Istoria de los Xarifes, pp. 146161). Contained in this race among commanders are the latest Kaid Mumen, kid out-of Yahia, otherwise Mohammed el-Euldj, an effective Genoese renegade, whom kept for the fief Tedsi, during the Sus. Moiiette also has the brand new Darna among his directory of geographical names. Pellow mentions brand new ” Darnol”. Yet , it does not take place in any kind of writers, therefore the Darna, if it is are sought about neighbourhood of your own modern Taza, eastern off Fez, in which it’s hitherto always been set, this may maybe not maybe circulate on the Umer-Rbia, but on the Sebu. The situation are, although not, effortlessly solved from the putting the fresh blame instead of Leo, however, with the his commentator. The only is right, the other wrong. In fact, the fresh new Darna exists merely where Leo throws they, anywhere between Tefza (Kasba Tedla) and you will Ezza, nevertheless named Fistela (Fichtela), as in elizabeth, if not a little bit of rumors blundering to your Marmol’s region, appears to have become missing. Brand new Wad Derna and therefore Diego de- Torres says as locality of your own battle are, in short, anywhere between Marakesh therefore the Beni Mtir nation, a small southern area of your Kasba Tadla toward Um-er-Rbia, where it is good tributary. Fichtala, or Fistela, try a Kasbah or fortress city toward Wad Fichtala, a little after that southern. In fact it’s a highly old set, which have, also the present village, the latest remains out of an ancient palace (De Foucauld, Reconnaissance, etcetera., pp. 59-60), and this superseded the current you to definitely erected from the Mulai Ismail. It’s embosomed amid groves off almonds, but cannot now contain much more than just three hundred somebody. They don’t really think on their own members of any group. The new Kasba was a great ” Zouia”, of which, in the course of De Foucauld’s check out, several brothers had been absolute benefits. There are many different ruins thrown more than Tadla. For example, Mulai Ahmed, boy from Mulai Sidan (An excellent.D.1608-1630), applied the foundation away from an urban area into Um-er-Rbia, throughout the state out of Tadla, which had been by-and-by lost, and it has maybe not left people shade at the rear of it (Ro. C, A genuine Historic Commentary, an such like., chap. vi). There have been two metropolitan areas hit title away from Fichtala-one to ” between Fez and you may Taza”, one other (ut supra) between Fez together with Wad-elAbid. But it is unsure that of them belonged Abd-el-Aziz Ibn Mohammed (surnamed Abu Costs off Fichtala), who compiled a beneficial

He kingdome out-of Fez beginneth westward from the famous riuer Ommirabih, and extendeth eastward into riuer Muluia ; northward it’s enclosed partly on the Sea, and partly into Mediterran sea. The latest said kingdome from Fez try diuided * Hebal. into seuen prouinces; so you can laughs, Temesna, the fresh new territorie * Chauz otherwise cheuz. out of Fez, Azgar, *Elhabet, Errif, Garet, and *Elchauz: euery of which prouinces got for the olde time a great seuerall gouernour: none in reality hath new citie off Fez alwaies beene the leaders royall seate, but are situated because of the good certaine Mahumetan apostata, are gouerned because of the their posteritie nearly an enthusiastic hundred or so and you can fiftie yeeres.step one Immediately after which go out this new familie out-of Marin got the fresh vpper hands, which here setling the aboad, had been the original one to euer titled Fez by the name of a good kingdome : the reasons why they did thus, we’re going to state even more in particular within our quick treatise about the the brand new Mahumetan faith. Nevertheless now assist versus given that temporarily while we get, describe the foresaid seuen prouinces.

got you to definitely prouince one the newest colonie, otherwise way to obtain inhabitants, right until you to on 150.’ yeeres immediately after, king Mansor going back of Tunis, delivered thence certaine Arabians which have your, vnto exactly who the guy gaue the palms from Temesne. And these Arabians enioyed the fresh said prouince for fiftie yeeres, till such as for example go out because queen Mansor himselfe is actually expelled from his kingdome : right after which was indeed nonetheless they expelled from the Luntunes, and you will was basically brought vnto tall miserie. Afterward the fresh new leaders of familie out of Marin bestowed brand new said prouince vpon individuals from Zenete and you can Haoara. And therefore it stumbled on passe that said individuals of Zenete and you will Haoara have been alwaies higher nearest and dearest vnto the fresh ilie, and have been considered haue defended her or him regarding furie of the latest king away from Maroco. Of which go out they haue peaceably enioyed Maroco, & today they are growne into the lesse up coming an hundred yeeres very mighty, that they stand not in feare of your king from Fez. Getting they are able to give threescore thousand horsemen on community, and you will haue two hundred castles at its order. My selfe had higher familiaritie and you can associate with these people, and therefore I won’t sticke to checklist most of the joyous one thing that i sawe included in this.2 Regarding Anfa an excellent towne for the Temesna.


and you will betweene it and you will Atlas was certaine shadie trees, laden with awful lions and you will leapards.fourteen For as long as the fresh new creators

Meters. Erckmann mentions this new ruins off a keen “old castle, relationship since away from Mulai Ahmed ed-Dehebi “, regardless of if because the “Amil” (governor), representing new Sultan, only has moderate expert, it is sometimes complicated to assume which lived in the existing palace

kinred : so there was basically collected using this mountaine nearly a few thousand ducates out of yeerely tribute.160 Out of install Beni Ierso.